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January 22, 2008
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January 24, 2008
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Does time seem to be speeding up ? Do you ever feel like all you do is run run run and never get anything  accomplished ? Well  this has been the way i have felt for the past 22 days.So if any of you have been feeling the same way , do what i have been doing for the last few day it is helping me.

First i get up in the early morning put on my coffee.when its done i go into a quite room put on soft music and  practice deep breathing exercise for 10 min.Then i just let my mind wonder on what the day may bring my way.Then in my mind i say this is what i intend to accomplish today, and i stick to those plan and i do not add any thing to this list unless it has come up as an emergency.So far i am feeling less stress and I do not feel like i have to get more done than whats on my list. So I hope this work for you as good as it has me.


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