January 23, 2008
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January 26, 2008
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mommy or mistress

     First off I want to say that I adore and love being an ab mommy. Sometimes like everyone else though, something different sparks my interest. I don’t think that’s a bad thing; one should always try new things. I have been fond of female domination for years. It’s not something I left behind by becoming a mommy. (I think most I play with know that).
    I guess I just wanted to say that just because I like being a Mommy doesn’t mean that I am only into mommy ab roles. I think that is true with the other mommies here also. We like playing in general, exploring and trying different things. That is one of the things that is terrific about Phoneamommy the variety of ideas we see and hear each and every day. So if you want to be paddled with a hair brush perfect, if you prefer a flogger that is more than ok. If you just like being lectured and humiliated by a woman, well again that works for me.

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