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Prissy Sissy Missy Gets Dolled Up
November 7, 2020
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Sweet Mommy Phone Sex
November 8, 2020

Oh boy, what an eventful weekend this ABDL Stepmommy had! I got to get into some extra naughty fun, much to my husband’s surprise and pleasure! I have been feeling like my husband has been giving me extra attitude lately and moping around the house whenever I ask him to do something. What better way to get his head out of his ass again than to show him what he will be missing if he ends up stuck on my bad side! Well… maybe the right phrase is to “force him” to see what he will be missing if he keeps acting this way. I planned a nice romantic evening for the two of us complete with a tasty four course meal, flowers and candles, a sexy outfit, the whole nine yards. My husband was clearly loosening up as the night went on and I kept refilling his wine glass. He was getting horny and handsy just like he always does when we have too much to drink, and I let him cop a few feels to get the blood pumping to his cock. Now when my husband gets nice and tipsy, he is just so much easier to influence. With my tiny little skin tight dress on, it was not hard to coax him into following me into the ABDL nursery for some fun. He got up on the changing table and I could see how hard his dick already was as I yanked his pants down and diapered him up nice and tight. My husband was really feeling good, and he did not even try to fight back or act like he was not enjoying this special attention from me. When his cute ass was all diapered up, I led him into our guest room. There sitting on the bed, fully erect and slowly stroking his cock was the perfect specimen of alpha male that I could find. My sexy partner for the evening to make sure that my body is used and shown off while my husband sits helpless to watch in the corner as my perfect little diaper cuckold slave. I drag my husband by the arm over to the wooden chair placed in the corner in preparation for this moment, and I shove him hard down onto the chair, watching his face continue to be frozen in surprise. I turn away, walking up to that hot piece of man meat waiting to wreck this tight wet pussy right before my husband’s very eyes. The tall dark stranger reached forward and tears my dress off of my body. I shiver as it falls to the floor in tatters, watching him bite his lip and roughly turn me around to bend me over the bed. I can already see my husband start stroking his cock from inside that diaper, desperately jerking it for me while I get fucked.

Stepmommy Tawny

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