Turkey day
November 21, 2007
Nosey Neighbor
December 4, 2007

In the last few months, I have been invited to join in writing chapters for a few of the stories written by some of our AB’s in our forum: https://www.phoneamommy.com/Board/viewforum.php?f=12&sid=90dcc95ee2a8de24d1e22a50680decc6

I had never written any stories on my own since high school. And I had never given a shot at writing any AB/DL stories. I really did not think I would be any good at it. But I gave it a shot anyway. And you know what? I have truly enjoyed doing it. And I guess I am not half bad either (well, so I am told 😀 ). Maybe after a few more chapters in these stories, I will give a shot a writing my own story. What do you think? Maybe you have a few ideas you would like to see come to life in a story written by me. And if you would like to hear a story by me for yourself, well then you can always give me a call. I love to read stories to my lil ones. And I could use some practice at making up my own.

Just call and ask for Mommy Josie, talk to you soon. muuuuah!

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