Punishments for Naughty Abdl’s
January 8, 2019
Sissy Faggots Need To Get Fucked
January 10, 2019

I rang in the New Year with a large adult baby sucking on my breast. But, the thing is it was not my husband. No, it was my adult stepson and he was sucking all of the beautiful milk I had stored for him out of me. Earlier in the evening, I ordered a pizza for the family so we could ring the New Year in years with food, but I knew my stepson needed special attention.  I made sure that he was able to squeeze on stepmommy’s titties. He loved the way I rubbed the soap and the warm water on his back and shoulders. I loved tickling my sweet baby with the bubbles and giving him light massages as I cleaned him. I know he is not my baby by birth, but he is my baby non-the-less. Once his bath is done I take him out of the water and begin to dry him down. It is time for mommy son sex.

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