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October 18, 2015
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October 25, 2015
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Tawny’s Diaper Surprise

The prettiest girl shows off her big boobs

When I married an older man with a college age son the last thing I expected was he would be a diaper lover.

It happened one morning when he was getting ready for school. He lived in our house most of the time because we were closer to campus. He must have thought I was already gone for the day but I called in sick this particular day.

I was in my bedroom when I decided to make some tea. I walked out of my room and noticed his door was ajar and I couldn’t help but look in. That is when I saw him laying on his bed, putting on a cloth diaper with powder and rubber pants. I couldn’t believe it.  I slowly backed into my bedroom and shut the door with a grin on my face and wild thoughts running through my mind. I was trying to process what just happened. Do I tell his dad? Do I talk to my stepson? What can I do with a diaper lover for a stepson?




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