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Tawny’s Diaper Surprise
October 24, 2015
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Emasculation Phone Sex
November 7, 2015

My aby told me he wants a puppy. I like to give my abies presents, but I thought a puppy might be a bit excessive, so I decided to find him a new friend who might be up for some puppy play. It took a little time, but I was finally able to bring home a pretty boy with a nice-sized cock who liked to be used. I went and picked him up, and in the car I made him strip and put on the collar I bought for him. He was very obedient and made sure to say “Yes ma’am,” even when I asked him if he was okay with me shoving a big, thick butt plug into his ass so he would have a nice tail to wag when he walked. My aby was so excited when we got home. We named our new pet Spot, and my aby walked him around the house all day on his new leather leash. Since we got Spot, we have made sure to feed him two bowls of kibble a day and take good care of him. He sleeps in his kennel at night, and we take him for walks around the neighborhood sometimes. We do it at night so no one sees us walking a naked boy on his hands and knees, but secretly I hope someone sees us one day.


-Barbie <3


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