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May 29, 2021
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White bodycon fitted dresses and black ones as well, they are what looked so great on Shiana as she wore them to make herself feel like the true diva that she is.  I am the step mommy that she needs to guide her on her feminization journey and we venture there very well when we have feminization phone sex.

She described her face to me and I saw nothing but a beautiful woman that did not need to be covered, just enhanced.  Eyebrows that framed a face that looked like a portrait on the wall of a museum.  Eyes that were piercingly beautiful and lips that were pouty and kissable.

They are some of the qualities that put the “s” in sexy and she wore it well.  When we roleplayed we would travel the streets of Paris and visit the best boutique shops and also walk the sandy trails of a private island in the Caribbean, or lay on the cushiony soft chairs on a big white yacht under the sunshine.  And when she wants to explore her kinky side she would pass herself off as my younger sister and we would experiment with guided masturbation and mild spankings.

I would have her bend over and get on her knees doggy style and I would roll her skirt up above her waist and I would gently insert a finger of choice deep inside of her rectum.  It was tight and felt so right and she took it like a champ. Then I would have her arch her back and I would stimulate her prostate until she spit out the creamiest of cum from her sweet boy pussy.

I will then remind her that her creamy white and slimy penile pussy contains lots of protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients and she should not allow for any of it to waste. And she would take heed and listen.  She made sure to have a condom, on and ready to collect any jizzum that would spit itself out of her and collect in droves is exactly what she did.

She enjoyed the fucking fun as it was what she needed to feel alive and alive is truly what she felt. The incest phone sex we had was so kinky and hot that it was one that was written for the storybooks.  It is admirable to be given the title of phone sex milf because it is very provocative and fun.

I love to have her lift her phone and beat her prissy prick against it and the gentle thumps against the phone would just drive me wild.  I would have her beat her clitty cock harder against the phone and when it became sore and tender and needed some love and attention, that is when I would work my talents and administer soft licks and sucks to make it all better.

Shiana is truly such a wonderful sissy that I am so grateful to share a plethora of sexy times with.  Would you also like to do the same? Then give me a call and let’s have some sexy fun. The number to call is 1-888-430-2010.



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