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Show Me Those Diapers!
December 29, 2019
Old Man As Baby Child In Diaper With black Teddy Bear
Relaxing With Your Abdl Mommy
December 29, 2019

There are just so many adorable accessories and things for an adult baby out there that when I go shopping, I end up with an overflowing cart before I know it! I just can’t help it though when I get to seeing all of the adorable clothes and baby bottles and things on the shelves. My nursery has always been so lively and colorful. I want it to give a feeling of calm and welcoming any time an ABDL cutie walks onto its soft bright carpet. I always go into these stores with the intention of getting only the few things that I need and nothing else, but I always find myself heading towards the baby section of the store, and that is where I always lose all self control. I ooh and aah over the precious little outfit sets for baby boys and baby girls. Some have little overalls and printed belts for my baby boys, and the others come with tutus and head bands for my little baby girls. Ballet shoes made out of knitted wool, and onesies with a dino body on it. It is all too much and I seem to end up picking out one or two things with each of my adult babies in mind. I try not to dwell on it because everything is worth it when I give them their gifts and see the way their little diaper lover faces light up at the new toys or clothes from mommy! I would not trade it for anything!
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