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Forced Feminization Phone Sex
April 12, 2016
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A Public Changing
April 17, 2016

I wanted to share an experience I had with my little ABy girl the other day.  I had turned my back on her for just a little bit and when I turn around I see the door to the backyard open.  Oh no! I quickly ran over to the door and there she was in the backyard standing in the sand box with mud all over her little dress I put her in not more than an hour earlier.  I was livid having just bought that dress of Binkies and Bows a few days ago.  My little Baby Girl could sense that I was mad and that she was in big trouble.  Without wasting a breath I marched out into the backyard and grabbed little missy by ear all the while she was telling me how sorry she was that she messed up the dress.  “Oh you will be very sorry soon little Missy since you went outside without my permission and then proceeded to ruin your dress on top of it” Guess you won’t be sitting comfortably for quite a while when I am done with you”!  Can you picture this as you, about to go over my lap for a much-needed spanking?  Call me so we can discuss your behavior little Missy. Call Tawny 888-430-2010   Come visit the phone sex mommies in our Chat Room.VG1001-042

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