Nanny Packs the Diaper Bag
February 12, 2008
My brother
February 26, 2008

There I was, just walking down the street, minding my own when she came at me. There was no escape, if I stepped to the left I would be in the street and of course there were a lot of cars passing by (just my luck) if I stepped to the right I would of banged into the glass front of the 24 hour fitness place.  So I was stuck (now that I think about it I could of turned around and walked back the way I came lol omg DUH!).  Then I made eye contact with her, I figured if I would have to deal with her might as well let her know I saw her coming.  She smiled, I smiled, she started to talk, I thought oh no lol.  The woman who I am speaking about is a girl I know named Paige.  Now Paige is one of those girls that could crack glass with her voice, and she has these HUGE boobs and she never EVER wears a bra.  She thinks it’s sexy, everyone else, well lets just say, we don’t.  It actually looks unsightly.  She gave me a hug, I struggled to breath, she squeezed, I fought off blacking out, she let go, I got a head rush.  Then she started to talk, I was actually wincing with each syllable that passed over her silicone injected lips. UGH.  I tried to be nice, tell her I was doing something but oh no, she had to tell me about this great new stuff she was selling.  Pyramid scheme apparently.  So there I was listening, and thinking, please please PLEASE someone get me out of this! Nothing happened.  So I said, no thank you and started to walk away as fast I could, I heard her yell behind me STACIE!!! CALL ME!!! Car alarms went off, and of course people looked at me instead of her.  Why do people do that I wonder, they don’t look at the person who is embarrassing themselves, they look at the people with them.  Odd.  Anyway, that was part of my day so far.  So, if you are having a bad day, just think of me, Paige, her mighty mounds of suffocation orbs swinging unfettered ready for destruction, and car alarms going off, and I bet you will feel a whole lot better.

Later Taters,


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