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August 2, 2018
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August 5, 2018
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We are going to the fair!


Mommy is going to take her sweet little ABDL PHONE SEX LOVER on a day trip. We are going to dress you in your prettiest dress. The ones with the little duckies on it and your ruffled nappy cover that makes your bottom look fat and cute. Mommy Tawny want you to be the cutest baby at the fair so all the other ABDL mommies can she just how adorable you are. Once we get you all dressed up and pretty then we will head to the fair where you can have all the treats and fun. Of course everyone will be starting at you and giggling once they see you waddling around with your little binky in your mouth. But im sure your use to be embarassed by now. Going out and showing off how pretty you are is one of Mommy Tawny’s favorite thing to do with you. I will even be sure to change you nappy right there in the middle of the fair just to make sure your bottom is nice and clean. Doesnt that sound like the best day ever for a Diaper Phone Sex Lover like you. Want to you want to hear more give me a call.



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