Bath Time Abies
October 23, 2007
I got my butt spanked
October 30, 2007

Well, it’s been another rewarding week for Mommy Rebecca. At work where I teach I love being able to teach all the good little boys and girls how to make Mommy happy. Sometimes if they are REALLY good I will let them come home with me for for private lessons, those are the best ones of all. Sometimes when I think about cleaning their diapies and wiping them clean it makes me feel so warm inside.
At home it has been a great week too. I really enjoy being able to spend time with the babies I’ve grown to love. I love reading them stories and keeping them clean and happy. I have gotten to know some new babies this week too, being able to comfort them and give them the love they need makes my life complete. I have so much love inside, and being able to share it with my babies is what makes a bad day turn into a good one. I look so forward to talking to my babies again this week, and if you are one my new babies this week I hope to give all the love and comfort you ever wanted.

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