October 27, 2007
November 2, 2007

When my mommy went out to the store yesterday I just could not resist putting on my new dress for the halloween party. I was running around the house with the babies crawling after me and I fell down and ripped some of the lace. I quickly removed the dress and put it back in the box and shoved it back in mommys closet before she got home. Later that afternoon, she called me into her room. There on the bed was my dress,with a big piece of lace ripped. I immediately started to cry. Partly because my new dress was ruined and partly because I knew I was in trouble. I dont know how mommy knew that I had been into her closet again. I promised last week that I wouldn’t go in there anymore after I made a gi-normous mess when she was out. After she questioned me as to why I had defied her orders I got a lecture about taking care of my things and staying out of hers. Then she put me over her knee and took the hairbrush to my bottom. I screamed and wailed and got it even worse for wiggling around. Afterwards I stomped to my room. A litle bit later mommy came in with my dress. She showed me where she had sewn the lace back on just like new! I threw my arms around her. Even though my mommy has to spank me sometimes, she really does love me. Do you have any spanking stories to share with me? Maybe afterwards we could play? I’ll show you mine if… Just call and ask for me! Little janey

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