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January 16, 2021
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January 18, 2021

You know, I used to be afraid of showing exactly who I was. Truly revealing my inner most personality.  Many times masked emotions, and denials of true self.  Over the last couple of years  have found myself.  I feel as though I have found the new me.

Transitioning has is one of the most important decisions I have made in my entire life!  Being able to speak to my family, and pray that they would understand me and accept me after revealing my decision was terrifying.  But, it turned out okay. I was lucky. Many people just like me are not.

During this transition, before and after, I had to begin to surround myself by the proper environment.  I begin changing friends.  I changed the places I hung out.  I slowly stopped wearing items of clothing that I no longer identified with.  Starting with under garments, and then transitioning to wearing metrosexual clothing.  Before I knew it, I had on my first women’s outfit.

By that time I had grew my hair out, and begun shaving in places more popular to a woman.  I was beginning to feel as though I looked.  I was beginning to truly feel embraced.  Not by my peers, but by my Self.  My own struggles with identity.


It has been a couple of years now, since I have begun my transition.  I could not have been happier.  I still have quite a few of my friends from my previous life.  I have developed a network of new friends, and support groups.  This was a difficult transition… Not just with coming out, but with surgery.  I truly needed lots of love, support, and great chefs!


Life could not be better now!  I work out regularly to keep myself in shape.  I also work out to keep a sound and able mind. Eating healthy always pairs well with a balanced work-out schedule. Most importantly, quiet time.  Meditation is so important. Every person should find quiet time.

I cannot stress enough if you are feeling ready, able, or question coming into who you are, never hesitate to find a friend to talk to.  You have to face nothing alone.  I had a best friend named Josh.  He always was so awesome to me, even though most kids picked on me.  I feel as though the other kids already knew.  But, Josh did not care.

We sat alone many days communicating, and sharing stories about home life.  His life in most people’s opinion was not the best, and mine on the other hand people would dream for.  Why did I not have a flock of friends, but they clung to his every word? Because, Josh was gorgeous! I looked more like Shaggy, from Scooby Doo, a perfect victim for ABDL fun!

I hit puberty at an awkward time, and my voice matched a crazy onset of acne.  I really enjoyed fantasy things like costumes, and make believe. That wasn’t too cool back then.  But, to Josh it was.  You see the fantasy helped him escape, just as much as it helped me believe. Now I am he best DDLG I can be!

You never know what someone is going through. I promise you, you always have a friend out there somewhere. So come on out here and find them! PhoneAMommy has brought me a world of new friends!


ABDL Mommy Darla


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