What A Cute Adult Baby!
March 29, 2017
The Love Of A Adult Baby Mommy
April 1, 2017

It’s warm and windy outside today, so I was thinking that I would go ahead and take you to the park, my sweet phone sex abdl!  On days like this sometimes the older kids like to pull their kites out and fly them, sometimes holding contest to see who can do the most tricks with theirs, who can keep theirs up the longest.  I’ll make sure to have everything that I need for you in your diaper bag, just like a prepared abdl Mommy should do. I’ll lay a soft blanket on the ground for you to lay on with your binkie in your mouth and your favorite toy in your arms while you look up and see all the bright, colorful kites swirling around! If you’re very good, I may see if one of the kids would come over and let you hold the end of their kite, with just a little bit of help. We would have lots of abdl fun phone sex time!



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