A girl was studying in her class, seated on a wooden bench in the middle of the room.
Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 2
January 31, 2016
cuckold A lady dressed in white stood in the foreground.
“A’s” Fantasy Pt 1
February 6, 2016

It is time for the monthly ABDL slumber party in our chatroom tonight starting at 8 PM. I’m so excited because I seem to always miss the slumber parties but not tonight! I’m ready to meet some new abdl babies, mommies and daddies in the abdl-community.

I think I’ll wear my pink satin pajama set with the pink satin top and satin boy-shorts. That will be sure to attract some attention. I hope I get to meet some new sissy babies at the party as well. We can play games at the slumber party, maybe pillow fight and I hope some naughty abdl action will happen behind closed doors. I hope I see Mommy Tawny there. Gosh, I have such a crush on her and maybe Baby Cam and Baby Alyssa will be there as well! I haven’t been to a slumber party in such a long time. I’m excited to be spending this party with my abdl-family tonight and if you see me don’t be scared to say hi!




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