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Boyfriend Turned Into Baby! (part 1)
October 20, 2019
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October 24, 2019

When I woke up several months ago and found myself in a wet puddle of cold piss soaked through my sheets, I decided that it was the last straw with my big man baby of a boyfriend! I had sat around watching him stuff his face with junk food and sodas for long enough, having to go behind him constantly cleaning up his crumbs and trash.. Just like a Mommy would! Well, when he kept getting too drunk to control even his bladder, it seems that he wet the bed in his sleep and enough was enough. It was time to really put him in his place and I decided to break out my trusty diapers and unlock the room down the hall to turn it into a proper adult baby nursery for my newest little one. I pinched his ear after dousing him with a cup of ice cold water to wake him from his hangover and marched him down the hall, into the freshly painted nursery, and scooped his butt up onto the changing table to get him properly diapered. I yanked those pants down and pulled off his underwear, tossing them aside. I will admit that I could not control my laughter at his pure humiliation at being stripped and diapered by his girlfriend turned Mommy. I laughed for only a moment before his eyes filled with tears and he began to cry in true baby fashion. This was working out even better than I had expected! I grabbed two of my thickest diapers and put them nearby before grabbing a few baby wipes and getting to work cleaning to residual piss off of his bottom and around that pathetic peepee. Of course the little thing started getting hard while I wiped it, sending my baby into whines and moans. Well I let him know right then and there that only good babies get any diaper sex from Mommy, and he had better turn his act around if he wanted Mommy to play with that teensy weensy peepee. He straightened right up!
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