Fuck Me, Daddy!
October 9, 2022
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October 16, 2022


tongue out of mouth licking

Amanda’s Neighbor is now Her Baby Boy!!: Andrew had always thought that his neighbor Amanda in the apartment across from his was a very pretty woman, and her husband Tom was a very lucky man. What’s not to like about a pretty face, long blonde hair, big tits, and a plump ass? There’s nothing in his book; he could tell you that. There’s definitely nothing wrong with Tom’s, since he got her pregnant before their first anniversary. Andrew got to see her getting a little bit bigger over the first few months of pregnancy (and boy, did he love that!), but he had to go on a long business trip that kept him out of town until a few weeks after she’d already given birth. He wasn’t really expecting anything, but when he first saw her in the hallway, he was very glad that he was carrying his luggage to cover up the stiffness he was getting right there in the middle of the hallway!

Fuck, and who could blame him? He knew he couldn’t be the only man that got a hard on thinking about those luscious thighs around his head or over his shoulders. How about that plump ass? He can’t be the only one imagining grabbing hold of that ass with both hands! And none of that is nearly as distracting as her jiggling, milk-filled tits. Andrew realized that he might have a rather large breastfeeding fetish. He hopes that he’ll get the chance to find out what size she is with those tits; they look like they nearly tripled in size. He also can’t figure out if he’d rather suck on her breasts to drink all of her creamy milk or have her press her tits together so he can titty-fuck them and cover them in his cum.

He has fantasies about walking into a room wearing a thick diaper to see Amanda sitting in a chair and making motions for him to come closer to her. By the time he’s kneeling in front of her, she’s unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra off, and he fondles them, cupping them, kissing and licking them, and that all by itself is nearly enough to make him cum. He fingers her pussy and gets her soaking wet until she is begging for him to fuck her, so he lifts her up to sit in the chair himself and get her to ride his cock, his diaper pushed to the side like it was the last one on earth. While they’re bouncing in front of him, he can take them in his hand and squeeze them, getting the milk to stream out and trickle down her skin, so he can lap it with his tongue, using long, slow strokes that don’t leave a drop behind. He can just about guarantee that there is not a spot on that woman’s body where he would not stick his tongue.

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