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Aunt Brenda Gives Her Nephew Ryan A Sexy Shower

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Though I am Aunt Brenda, I always enjoy doing things with my nephew that are highly erotic, exciting and fun.  We absolutely love mom roleplay where he pretends to be my natural born son and I indulge him in his breastfeeding fetish.  Whenever he comes over to visit, when his dad drops him off at my house, we both know that as soon as his dad leaves it is “game on” at my house. I like to start the fun off with him by making him be so nice and clean.  As a youngster who is very athletic and active he tends to be musty and sweaty whenever he comes to visit me.  I understand that the pheromones that are emanating from the male body are supposed to be a turn on – at least that is according to what Science says, but maybe they did not sniff my nephew Ryan’s scent.  It is strong and pungent and I refuse to engage in any sexual activity until he is fully cleaned.

I love to take his eager hand and enclose it in mine and walk to the bathroom where I disrobe him in entirety and get him into the shower.  I gladly join in with him, also naked and I lather him up with a peppermint body wash and I clean him thoroughly from head to toe.  His cock is always so hard when I place my soft and sudsy fingers on it and as I massage the soap on his testicles and his cock he stands at attention.  That is when I will place my hands on my breasts and tell him to suck both of them.

He placed his face against my wet mammary glands and opened his mouth to take my perfect nipple into his mouth as he sucked hungrily at my breasts.  I grab the back of his head to push him in more and keep his head there and he does not fight or resist.  He feels so at home in the shower with me as he sucks me and I direct my hand to his cock as I jerk it off in such a easy manner as I go up and down on his soapy and slippery cock. As soon as I washed it off clean, I get on my knees and take his wonderful schlong into my mouth and I suck the soul out of him while I playfully spanked his wet as with my bare, slippery hand.  He grabs the back of my head and humps my hips and he pounds my mouth with him ample penis and when he came he shot it so vigorously and it hit the back of my throat.

I can’t wait to have our special moment together again as I am the MILF that he needs in his life to make him feel so content and complete. You can have this moment as well with me. I am going to be your MILF and you are going to have sex with me as we roleplay any fantasy that crosses your sexy mind, so give me a call right now.  Call 888-430-2010 and ask for your sexy Aunt Brenda.

Aunt Brenda


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