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Playful Mommy Vicky Makes Grandpa Suck His Finger

A White Diaper With Old Man


Grandpa tried diaper hypnosis with me, playful mommy Vicky and I taught him everything that the needed to know from head to toe. He has been hiding this feeling for such a long time from Grandma and he is so glad that he can finally express himself without shame and in totality to me that he wants to suck his finger.  Putting his finger in his mouth made him feel safe, comfortable and he felt at home. But I wanted to make sure that I did more than was expected when he has to suck on his finger.

I made him put his thumb right inside of my pussy and turn it around and capture all of my slimy juices.   I did not want him to miss out on my messy twat’s milk going on his finger as I knew that he needed it for nourishment. So he would capture all of my sticky juices on his finger and he would suck away as if his finger was the last thing in the world that was there to make him feel complete. Just as grandpa feels, it is so easy to allow yourself to let go and be the abdl girl or the abdl boy in the abdl diaper that you like, just like grandpa.

I know that everybody has a preference – which they ought to have  – and just like I do with sweet and innocent Grandpa – it is always fun to see my little ones select the diapers of their choice.  Sometimes I have my abdl in diapers that are all of the Sesame Street characters and other times I may have them in the crinkly diapers or the pretty princess diapers. No matter what you want to do or how you want us to play all you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call and we will have such an amazing time.

So take it easy, let your beautiful hair down and call me at the Phoneamommy line which is 888-430-2010 so that I can play with you.  And don’t you dare keep me waiting as our time together is long overdue. Let me bathe you, cook for you, feed you milk, put you in the playpen, dress you up in diapers, and play peek a boo with you and if I choose too, I will tickle you in so many places that you may have an accident in your pampers that you just could not control. I am the Mommy that you want to play with at all times in the morning and in the night. I am the mommy that when you are sad and lonely, I will make you feel right so it is very important that you pick up the phone right now and call me right now and just wait and let’s just see the magic happen.



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