Mommy's Diaper Sex Girl
Become A Diapered Adult Baby Just Like Me
October 9, 2021
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Playful Mommy Vicky Makes Grandpa Suck His Finger
October 10, 2021

abdl mommy

I know that there are a lot of things that you want us to do, sexually and you can be embarrassed at times to share them with me. You must remember that I am your abdl mommy London and you can share your deepest and darkest thoughts with me. Actually the sexier the better,, little one. You are not just a diaper lover to me, you are that and so much more. When we first shared incest phone sex with each other when we engaged in mommy roleplay,  it was so very special. I was your secret that no one else knew about and we kept it that way. As we explored each other sexually those fantasies and sexual ideas flourished and blossomed into something else so sweet and special that no one else could tear apart.

What we have is so special, that it is more than chemistry. When I hold you in my arms and you nurse on my sweet breasts, I can see the life in your eyes and the pep in your step. My creamy mother’s milk is what you need in order to be the best that you can be.  It is never a bother for me to give you exactly what you need. You need me and I need you as you are the sweet gift that came to me that I will have for all eternity. This is not a temporary fix, what we have is for a lifetime. You know that your penis is so very tiny and small that it cannot possibly make any woman happy if you tried to penetrate her and I know this fact has brought tears to your eyes on many occasions, but understand that I accept you just the way you are… tiny penis and all.

You will be diapered by me forever as you will have to wear diapers for the rest of your life. Never ever will you need to put on men’s underwear cause frankly dear, you simply just do not qualified to be called a man. You don’t have the necessary working parts needed that a man has. You have a clitty cock between your legs and on occasion I will fondle it when I have you feed on my sweet breasts. You must suck and lick my breasts and when you close your eyes you will believe that you have been transported to heaven and you are sucking on the breasts of an angel. After all, I am your mommy and I am also your angel. I am the reason that you breath, you have life and you will succeed. Just love me as I love you and understand that if you ever cross me, I will have to punish you the best way that I see fit. So, lay in my arms and I will hold you close to me and my sweet darling, I will never ever let you go. Mommy London loves you, today, tomorrow and always my darling.



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