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May 17, 2021
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Let Mommy Take Care Of You
May 23, 2021

abdl girl

Laurie called me for the first time and she was afraid and I told her that there was nothing to fear, as Aunt Brenda is here.  I coaxed her to talk to me about the things that turned her on and drove her wild and though she hesitated she shared with me that her number one desire was to have an abdl mommy totally take control of her and tell her what to do, sexually.

I told her that she just did the first and most important part of abdl chat which is to share openly with me without any reservations and that is exactly what she did. So she made herself relaxed and comfortable, then lowered her defenses so we could role play that I was her Aunt Brenda and she was my niece and it was a beautiful day where we were both horny and hot at the beach.

We secured a nice and secluded spot on a white sand beach and took off our summer clothes and we had our bathing suits already underneath.  I was happy that we were together in a public beach where we could stare at each other’s bodies. My eyes could not stop wandering over her body and I asked her to remove her top so I could help rub sunscreen on her.

I had her close her eyes and count down while she was comforted further to the sound of my voice. I made her repeat, “Aunt Brenda will touch me and I will not be afraid.” She repeated it as a mantra until she slipped into abdl hypnosis. When she was fully under my control I took full advantage of all that she had to offer. Her tits were what I wanted to indulge in first so under my hypnosis, she removed her top and I pinched and teased her nipples in a subtle way and they hardened under my fingers. My pussy would constantly twitch over and over again as I used my fingers to circle around her soft orbs.

I told her that I did not want her buttocks to burn and that I told her to remove her bikini shorts in order for me to rub sunscreen on her buttocks and she followed my hypnotic suggestion.  She discreetly slipped out of her bikini bottom and gave it to me to place on a part of the blanket that she chose to lay on.  I sniffed her bikini bottom and inhaled the sweet scent of her cunt and I spread her legs, stiffened up my wet tongue and stuck it deeply inside of her sweet cunt and it tasted like heaven. She was such a perfect specimen, with a perfectly proportioned body.

I made sweet love to her and I made sure that it had a mixture of soft and passionate, then rough and raw because I wanted it to be the best abdl sex that she ever experienced. I turned her over on her back and hovered over her and sucked on her sweet young tits in the glistening sun.  Our bodies entwined in hot lust as aunt and niece rubbed intensely our sweet pussy mounds on each other in sheer pleasure.

I spanked her cheeks until they turned red and then I made her suck on my breasts. I kept her trapped in playful hypnotic sex as she enjoyed my mammary glands as she sucked and filled her mouth until she was satisfied with my sweet tits.

Do you want to experience what my niece ABDL Laurie did? Then pick up the phone and call me, your Aunt Brenda right away and let me take you to a world of intense hypnotic pleasure.

Aunt Brenda


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