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Don’t Be Afraid Of ABDL Hypnosis With Step Mommy Tawny
May 17, 2021
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Aunt Brenda Hypnotizes Her ABDL Laurie
May 22, 2021

abdl babyThere are too many lost and misguided adult baby diaper lovers out there running around in need of guidance, love, mentoring, acceptance and love and that is where I come in.  There is a misconception that if a mommy is stern in her ways that she ay be incapable of having a nurturing side and that simply is not true.  Out of discipline comes submission, vulnerability, honesty, transparency and truth.

As an abdl mommy who has been training abdls for many years – it is important to knw that there is no cookie cutter way to rear or bring up submissives.  Each abdl boy, abdl girl, abdl baby and abdl sissy is different.  What methods are instilled with one does not necessarily work for the other.  Each individual must have customized training to fit with their specific lives.

When one picks up the phone at phoneamommy and calls me at 1-888-430-2010 and engages in abdl chat with me, that is initially the first step to changing their lives. Many know that there are blockages that may be in place that may make it difficult for them to fully submit the way that they ought to and that is when it is a good time to introduce them to the powers of abdl hypnosis.

Getting my abdl baby comfortable is the first part of the hypnotic training that must happen and then a nice soft and comforting song in the background will assist in putting my adult baby diaper love in a trance.  Then putting my submissive in a diaper and have him or her close his or her eyes is good and I will consistently repeat the following: “You are going to be a good little baby for mommy as your purpose is to please mommy.  Your eyes must remain closed as if you sleeping and you will relax your body.  Focus on the breathing of your chest as it rises and falls and then shift the focus to the crinkliness of your diaper and how soft and comfortable it feels.”

Then I will continue to tell my abdl the following: “Mommy is here to take care of you and keep you safe and relax.  Breathe for mommy and inhale and exhale and do it slowly for mommy and no one else.  Mommy loves you and mommy is who is going to keep your body soft and relaxed and as you breathe you will imagine your bladder is full and you have to release.”

“It is not up to you so you do not have to be responsible to hold your pee, you are with mommy and you are safe. Mommy wants you to feel so good and warm like a heating pad so it is time to lose the sensation in your arms and legs.  When you are asleep you fall into the world of fuzzy nothingness so the same is going to be for your bladder.  Relax it as it is full and you need to empty all of its contents into your diaper as mommy leads you deeper and deeper into trance.”

“Let it go, let your pee be the weight of the world that you carried on your shoulders that burdened you and now you are releasing it all into your diaper. Doesn’t that feel so good and don’t you feel so very relaxed and comfortable as if you were sleeping?  You are sleeping in a trance with mommy and nothing else matters but this very special moment with you and mommy.”

Would you like to try abdl hypnosis and see how it feels and how it can practically change your life for the better? Is it time that I hypnotize you so you can wet yourself now. Call Scarlet today at 1-888-430-2010 and let us begin.



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