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Just how is a ABDL Stacey supposed to act? He’s supposed to play with his cute little toes and fingers, for sure. There has to be time spent on his tummy, shaking his rattle and squeezing his soft stuffies, or making vroom vroom noises while he runs his little cars across the carpet.  Tummy time is always important! A baby boy should talk just like a baby is supposed to talk, with cute gurgles and blowing little raspberries.  He should laugh and giggle when Mommy pretends like she’s going to nibble on his cute little toes while she changes his saggy diaper.  And he should absolutely love nothing more than cuddles and kisses from Mommy or sucking on her nipples to get a warm tummy full of mommy’s milk! What do you think a baby boy should do? Call me for your abdl boy phonesex.



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