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Naughty Nephew Gets Caught! (part 3)
May 16, 2023
Brenda Embarrasses A Silly Boy! (part 2)
May 16, 2023

Brenda arrived at Jennifer’s house on Friday evening, ready to start her babysitting duties for the weekend. Jennifer greeted her and told her to help with Kenny’s behavior. She found him sitting on the couch, playing a video game; he looked up at her walking into the room with a scowl. “Hey, Kenny,” Brenda said brightly. “I’m going to be looking after you for the next couple of days. I hear you’ve been having some trouble lately. Is that right?” Kenny rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever,” he muttered. Brenda took a deep breath and decided to try a different approach. “You know what?” she said, dropping onto the couch beside him. “I have a special surprise for you. Do you want to see it?” Kenny looked skeptical but curious.
“What kind of surprise?”
Brenda stood up and held out a package wrapped in colorful paper. “It’s a present,” she said. “Something just for you.” Kenny reluctantly took the box and tore off the paper. Inside was a onesie designed for an adult with cute cartoon characters on it. “What the hell is this?” he demanded. “It’s a onesie,” Brenda said brightly. “For you to wear. Jennifer said you’ve been acting like a baby lately, so I thought this would be perfect. And look, it even comes with a pacifier.” She pulled out a pacifier with a pink plastic handle and held it to him. Kenny looked horrified. “I’m not wearing that thing!” he protested. Brenda just smiled sweetly.
“Oh, I think you will,” she said. “And don’t worry, you won’t be alone. I invited some of my friends over to play with you.” Kenny’s eyes widened in alarm. “What? No, you can’t do that!” But Brenda had already picked up her phone and started sending out text messages. Within half an hour, her friends began to arrive, all of them giggling and whispering to each other. As Brenda’s friends came, Kenny felt his anxiety growing. They were all ladies, ranging in age from about 25 to 30. They were all dressed in colorful and playful clothes and were all very pretty enough to make him self-conscious. The first lady to arrive was a tall, slim girl with bright red hair and a mischievous grin.
The next lady to arrive was a petite girl with short curly hair, more ladies came, and they all seemed to be in on some joke he didn’t understand. Brenda laid a blanket on the floor and laid out toys for Kenny to play with. “Okay, baby Kenny,” she said in a sing-song voice. “Time to play with your toys.” Kenny glared at her, but he could tell he was outnumbered. He removed his clothes and put on the onesie and pacifier, feeling humiliated and embarrassed. Brenda’s friends crowded around him, giggling and teasing him. Brenda watched with amusement as Kenny reluctantly put on the onesie and popped the pacifier into his mouth. He looked ridiculous, but it was exactly what she had intended. What to find out what happens, just click right here!

Aunt Brenda


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