Brenda Gives Sissy Penelope A Treat!
May 16, 2023
Amanda Gets Some Encouragement to Use Her Diapers!
Brenda Embarrasses A Silly Boy! (part 1)
May 16, 2023

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(second part) As if that wasn’t enough, his moans came out one after another to his aunt’s stunned and horrified gaze. Rodney moaned and moaned; his cries filled the room. That’s how intense his orgasm had been! His aunt kept looking at him in shock at the situation; she was so surprised by what had happened that she stood there, her jaw dropping as she watched. When it was all over, Rodney, his face burning, looked at his aunt. There was a tense moment where they both looked at each other, his aunt looking at him as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. Rodney had never felt so humiliated, but it had made him come. It was useless to ignore this fact. They were both shocked, and Rodney ran to his room, not thinking about anything but getting away from his aunt. Panic was in full force in Rodney. As he cleaned himself up, he thought about what he would say to his aunt. His heart was racing. He had come in front of his aunt… Nothing was right in those moments. It wasn’t every day that aunts found their nephews wearing panties that belonged to them… What was Rodney supposed to do? His mind was racing as he tried to think of something…but then he heard his aunt’s footsteps coming in a rush down the hallway towards him, and his whole body turned cold at what Brenda might be planning to do. She opened the door and walked into the room with an odd look. He covered his cum wet panties with his hands in a panicked, silly attempt to hide, but he did it without thinking, even turning around to give Aunt Brenda his back. She walked slowly towards him, the tap of her feet on the hardwood floor coming up behind him, and to his shock, her arms came around to hug him against the front of her. Rodney’s body ran hot and cold now, electric shivers sliding underneath his skin as her soft breasts pressed against his back. Her hands came up to his shoulders, then slowly slid down towards his own hands, still covering his crotch. He watched in confused fascination as her fingers slowly but firmly slipped in between in own.
The pressure of her fingertips against him nearly made him moan again, his cock twitching in renewed interest as he bit down on his lip. Nothing could have held it back, though, when Aunt Brenda slid one of her hands into the panties, her fingers gliding against his skin and through still-warm cum. He pulsed raced, and his breath started coming in little gasps as she lifted her hand up to show him her cum-sticky fingers, and he stopped breathing entirely while Aunt Brenda sucked her fingers clean. “Mmmm. Tasty. I might need you to make me another treat later.” She stepped back then and walked out, leaving Rodney to try to make sense of what just happened and to jack off furiously in the panties again. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Aunt Brenda


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