Rodney Gets Embarrassed In Public!
May 16, 2023
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Naughty Nephew Gets Caught! (part 3)
May 16, 2023

In the cozy living room of Brenda’s house, sissy baby Penelope happily crawled and played, her little hands exploring the world around her. Brenda and a few of her friends watched the adorable sight, their smiles reflecting the joy in the room. Occasionally, one of them would playfully pat Penelope’s diapered bottom, teasing her for being a silly baby.
Penelope looked like a little princess, dressed in a frilly short pink dress and a ruffled diaper cover. Her baby bonnet sat snugly on her head, and she sucked on a pink pacifier, content in her little world. She giggled with excitement as her friends showered her with affection and attention.
As Penelope wriggled around in delight, her curiosity got the better of her. She suddenly flopped down on her stomach, her legs kicking back and forth. Brenda chuckled at the sight. “Look at her; she’s so excited she can’t even stay on her little knees,” she exclaimed, causing her friends to join in laughter.
The sound of their amusement filled the room, creating a joyful atmosphere. Embarrassed but happy about the laughter surrounding her, Penelope continued to wiggle and squirm, her rosy cheeks glowing with delight. She babbled happily, her pacifier bouncing up and down as if she was trying to join in on the laughter too. However, her excitement got the better of her, and she started making to-and-fro movements along the floor, her clittie getting harder from rubbing against her diaper.
Brenda couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with love and adoration for the little bundle of joy before her. She watched Penelope’s hands reach out, grasping at the air as if to catch the happiness floating around her. Brenda’s heart swelled with warmth, and laughter escaped her mouth as the sight of Penelope wiggling around, trying to pleasure herself, was too funny for her.
Brenda instructed Penelope to get back on her knees. She did as her mommy told her to, and Brenda, without wasting even a single second, pulled her diaper down to her thighs, exposing Penelope’s hard little clittie
“Oh, girls! Look what we have here!” Brenda said, pointing towards Penelope’s clit with her finger. “Now be a good girl and play with it! Mommy wants to show her friends the techniques she has taught you and how you release the cummies!”
Penelope did just what Brenda asked eagerly and started rubbing her clit, with moans escaping around her pacifier. She had been excited for so long that it didn’t take long before she was close to cumming. Brenda saw that and quickly pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and held it in front of her clit. Her orgasm came soon, moans and gasps getting louder as her cum shot out to cover the nub on her paci.
“Oh, baby! I know you will always make Mama proud!” Brenda giggled. “Now, one final task. You will have clean this up!” She added, raising the paci up to Penelope’s eagerly opened mouth. Brenda popped the cum-laden pacifier back into her mouth. Penelope sucked on it eagerly while her mommy and friends looked at the pretty baby.

Aunt Brenda


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