Brenda Takes Good Care of her Abdl Boy! (part 2)
May 14, 2023
Brenda Gives Sissy Penelope A Treat!
May 16, 2023

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Rodney strolled next to the buggy, his gaze roving aimlessly through the grocery store while Brenda guided it through the aisles. They were nearly done, heading back towards the veges with the cart jam-packed with everything they’d already gotten. He was spacing out a bit till he noticed that his diaper felt heavier than he was comfortable with, being out in public like this.
Rodney gave his nappy a little squeeze while Brenda was going through some avacados, hoping that he wasn’t as bad as it felt it was. It absolutely was, though, and he couldn’t help but tense up at just how squishy his diaper was. Rodney had too many accidents! Panic welled up in his throat, but he knew he couldn’t tell Brenda about it.
She had told him not to drink too much before leaving the house, emphasizing that they would be out for a few hours running errands. Rodney had decided he wanted more apple juice than he wanted to listen, so he had two extra glasses. Regret gnawed at him as they finally got to the register, and he tried not to show how anxious he was to get out of there.
It almost seemed he would be alright as they got through the line and headed out the exit. They were only a few steps away from the van when a passing child pointed to Rodney and asked his mother, “Did that man pee himself?” Rodney’s face flushed pink in shocked embarrassment as he looked down to see a wet spot growing on his pants. He could only stare at the ground as the kid’s mother hushed them, and Brenda started to fuss at him.
Rodney’s heart plummeted even lower as he became aware of the warm trickle flowing down his leg. Brenda’s fussing increased as she grasped his hand hard and guided him to the back of the van. She whipped a changing mat out of his diaper bag. She motioned for him to get on it, quickly removing his wet trousers and exposing his bare lower half to everyone passing by. Rodney was mortified and could only pray that no one saw what was about to happen.
His legs were raised in the air with his thighs spread open, nothing besides Brenda’s body blocking anyone from getting a peek. Rodney’s discomfort grew as every footstep of passing shoppers appeared to be amplified with each passing second.
Everything was louder to him, it seemed, the way the diapers rustled as Brenda took off his soaked one, and the new one did as she opened it up. When she was finally done, he had to stand up without his pants since they were more than a little wet.
Brenda led him to the back passenger door and soon had him in his car seat. She gave him a soft look and patted him on his cheek, telling him it would be okay. Accidents happened, which was why he had his diapers on to begin with!

Mommy Brenda


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