Brenda Takes Good Care of her Abdl Boy! (part 1)
May 14, 2023
Rodney Gets Embarrassed In Public!
May 16, 2023

(first part) Danny’s dick slowly started growing in her hands, swelling up. She kept stroking it gently, running her fingers over his glans, making his body quiver at her will.
She slowly picked up the pace, pouring warm baby oil over his penis. Gregory started moaning, his voice barely getting past his pacifier. Drool flowed down his mouth as waves of pleasure ran through his body. His hips twitched in sync with Brenda’s hands, moving up and down along with her hands. She was as gentle as she could be, teasing him and his penis and not letting him achieve an orgasm so easily.
She kept going at it, and Gregory responded to her loving touch. Soon enough, a loud moan escaped between his lips and pacifier, erupting a sea of cum all over his thighs, chest, and Brenda’s hands.
Brenda could not help but let out a playful sigh as she realized Gregory had made another mess. She teased him, pretending to be exasperated by his inability to control himself.
Brenda teased him playfully with a sly grin on her face. “Oh, silly baby! You cannot control yourself when Mommy touches you, can you?”
As she wiped his cum clean with some tissues, Gregory peed, causing Brenda to shake her head and tease him some more. But it was all in good fun, and Gregory knew that Brenda loved him no matter what. She got some baby wipes and cleaned his body and bum after wiping it down with a tissue.
She shook the bottle of powder over him, making sure to puff it up a little bit so that it would feel soft against his skin. As she opened the new diaper, Brenda crinkled it a little so that Gregory could hear the sound. He loved the sound of crinkling diapers, which always helped him feel more like a baby.
Gregory was a good baby, staying still and quiet while Brenda worked. She praised him for being such a good boy and told him she was proud of him. He blushed and smiled, feeling happy to be praised by his mommy. Brenda finished changing Gregory’s diaper, patting him gently on the bottom as she helped him sit up. She removed the pacifier from his mouth, smiling down at him.
“All done, sweetie,” Brenda said. “How does it feel to have a nice clean diaper?”
“It feels good, Mommy,” Gregory said, smiling up at her.
Brenda helped him sit up so she could slide her arms around him, holding him close. She could feel the warmth of his body against hers, and she knew that he felt safe and secure in her arms.
“You’re such a good baby, Gregory,” Brenda said, kissing his forehead. “Mommy loves taking care of you.”
“I love you too, Mommy,” Gregory said, snuggling up against her.
Brenda held Gregory for a few more minutes, enjoying his body’s warmth and arms around her. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Why don’t you call me for some playful mommy roleplay, and we can have our own wonderful time together!

Aunt Brenda


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