Lock You Up and Throw Away the Key
May 14, 2023
Brenda Takes Good Care of her Abdl Boy! (part 2)
May 14, 2023

Brenda woke up early, eager to start her day as the caretaker of her adult baby Gregory. She had been taking care of him for a few years, ever since he embraced the adult baby lifestyle. She loved caring for him and knew that Gregory loved being cared for. Brenda had always been maternal and found great joy in nurturing others.
As she walked into Gregory’s nursery, she smiled at the sight before her. Gregory was sleeping peacefully in his crib, his teddy bear clutched tightly in his arms. Brenda tiptoed over to the crib and leaned down to give him a gentle kiss on the forehead.
“Wakey-wakey sweet baby,” Brenda whispered. “It’s time to start the day.”
Gregory stirred and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at Brenda and smiled, reaching his arms up to be picked up.
“Good morning, Mommy,” he said in his baby voice.
“Good morning, sweetie,” Brenda said, lifting him out of the crib and carrying him to the changing table.
Gregory was a good baby, and Brenda was proud of him. He had been doing everything she asked, not having any tantrums or misbehaving. Brenda knew he deserved a little playfulness, so she decided to be a little teasing during his morning diaper change.
As Brenda laid Gregory down on the changing table, she noticed that his diaper was soaked through. She cooed softly and made exaggerated sighs as she teased him about how heavy and wet his diaper was.
“Looks like someone was a little bit of a naughty baby and wet his diaper during the night,” Brenda said playfully.
Gregory blushed and looked down at the table, feeling a little embarrassed. Brenda knew he liked being treated like a baby, but she did not want to embarrass him too much.
“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Brenda said. “Mommy will take care of you.”
She grabbed the supplies she needed to change Gregory’s diaper and began to work. She placed a pacifier in his mouth, knowing it would help him relax while changing him. She slowly removed his old diaper, sliding it between his legs.
“My baby, it looks like you have made such a mess, but you know what?” Brenda took a pause and looked into Gregory’s eyes. “It’s okay, I love you, and I love taking care of you!”
Gregory smiled through his pacifier, nodding his head in happiness.
“Sweetie, you have been too good these days, and you deserve something for that!” Brenda said as she ran her hands over his thighs, grazing him. “Shall we play a little game?

“Yes, mommy!” Gregory was excited and barely got the words out between the pacifier in his mouth.
She slowly reached the base of his penis, gently cupping her hands over his scrotum. “Mommy loves your pp!” Brenda said in a silky, husky voice. This was also getting her a little excited, though not nearly as much as her boy! Want to find out what happens? Click right here to read the rest!

Aunt Brenda


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