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May 13, 2023
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May 14, 2023




Oh I have something special planned for our date tonight.  I’ve seen how you get turned on every time we watch crime shows and handcuffs appear.  I also know that your cock gets hard, I’ve seen you fidgeting out of the corner of my eye.  So tonight after we get home from dinner, I will be seeing how much of a handcuff fetish you actually have.

I bought a few different pairs earlier this week, regular cop issue looking cuffs and a pair of fuzzy ones.  Once we get home and start to relax, I excuse myself from the room to go change into something more comfortable.  I put on a sexy little nightie and hide a special surprise behind my back.

As I walk back into the room, you look up and give me a wicked little smile, knowing that you’re about to get lucky.  I stop half way and tell you to stand up and strip out of your stuffy clothes.  You quickly abide and soon you’re standing before me completely naked.

I slowly walk towards you and tell you to turn around.  You reach out towards me and I tell you more sternly to turn around, Now!  You laugh and do as you’re told, then I tell you to put your hands behind your back.  You look over your shoulder at me, with a questioning look in your eyes.

I slowly pull the handcuffs from behind my back and let them swing from my fingertip.  Your eyes widen and you body shifts slightly.  I again tell you to put your hands behind your back, you oblige and give a slightly shaky little laugh.  As soon as I snap the cool metal around your wrist, I hear your sigh of pleasure.

I fasten the other cuff to your other wrist, locking you up with your hands behind your back.  I grab a hold of your cuffed wrists and give it a little shake then slowly slide to my knees behind you.  I tell you to spread your legs and assume the position.

I hear your raspy breath as you get more and more excited.  Then I slide my hands over your body, and down your legs then back up between them.  I reach up past your balls and feel that hard cock throbbing and so engorged.  As I grasp your dick, I lean forward and press a wet kiss to your naked ass.

Your dick jumps in my hand and you gasp loudly.  Now that I have you in my possession, I can do anything and everything I want to you.  You are at my disposal and can’t get free.  I continue to hold your cock as I push against your back, making you bend over with your hands still cuffed behind you.

I shake your cuffed wrists and cock at the same time, causing you to groan out loud and buck your hips.  I start stroking your cock from behind as I make sure you are constantly reminded that you are still on lock down.  To find out what happens next, call Candy and let’s get naughty!




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