Shame On You!
May 9, 2023
Lock You Up and Throw Away the Key
May 14, 2023

Brenda’s heart was pounding as she glared angrily at her cheating husband Robert. When she learned that he had cheated on her, her entire life had fallen apart. After hours of argument, he was threatening to leave her while packed his luggage. Brenda, however, had other ideas. Plans that called for Robert to never leave her side once more.

Robert picked up his luggage off the floor and looked away from Brenda. He moved in the direction of the door when an odd sensation started to go through him. Suddenly, his surroundings appeared larger than they were before. He noticed that his shoes were too big for him when he looked down at his feet. Before he knew it, his clothing was slipping off his body as he felt them begin to relax. Robert lurched forward, attempting to regain his balance, but he could feel himself shrinking rapidly.

Brenda gazed in awe as Robert shrunk in front of her. Brenda could not help but make fun of him because he was now the size of a toddler, saying, “Aww, look at you! You are really adorable.” Robert attempted to sprint to the front door, but his balance was completely gone as his body changed so rapidly and was stumbling and wobbling. He continued to receive taunts from Brenda, who said, “You can’t even walk properly, how are you going to get out of here?”

Robert’s feelings of powerlessness increased as he continued to shrink. He was surrounded by a huge and daunting environment. He attempted to stand up straight, but because he was now too little, he collapsed to the ground. He felt Brenda lift him up and wrap a cozy embrace around him. “You will now be my baby,” she crooned in his ear. “Forever.”

Robert was unable to comprehend what was going on. His own wife had transformed him into an infant. Brenda had never revealed to him that she was a witch, and now he was suffering the consequences of his infidelity. Although he tried to fight it, he soon found himself reverting to a childlike condition and yearning for his wife’s warmth and comfort.

Brenda began to treat Robert like a genuine infant as time passed. He was fed, his nappy was changed, and he was rocked to sleep by her. Even though she was never cruel to him, she kept making fun of his new status as her baby by doing so. She frequently took him out in public where she would flaunt him to her friends and family, who didn’t recognize him as the man he once was.

Robert first objected to his new status as a baby, but he soon learned to appreciate the love and care his wife was giving him. He did not have any obligations, concerns, or worry. He only needed to eat, sleep, and play. He regressed to having infantile intelligence, and all his memories of his previous life were lost. He felt safe and content as he slept in Brenda’s arms. He came to terms with the fact that this was his new existence and was content to be her baby.

Robert ultimately decided he never wanted leave Brenda’s side. He could not fathom living without her because he had grown so dependent on her. He had been transformed into a baby, but Brenda had also given him a fresh sense of himself. He cherished every second of being her baby now.

Aunt Brenda


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