Mommy Candy Wants To Fuck You
May 8, 2023
well used soaked abdl diaper
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May 13, 2023




Mommy was curious what you were up to in the other room, so mommy quietly peeked in and caught you playing with yourself in your diaper without permission.  Bad girl!  You know better than that.  Mommy told you what would happen if you disobeyed mommy.

Now mommy has to teach you a lesson for being a naughty girl.  You wanted to play so bad that you couldn’t wait for mommy.  Mommy is going to tease you to the edge over and over.  Your diaper is going to be soaked with your pussy juices as you beg mommy to let you orgasm.

Mommy loves to hear the buzzing of the vibrator mommy holds to your diapered pussy.  Especially when it’s mixed with the muffled moans slipping past your pacifier gag.  Mommy knows how excited you get and how wet your pussy gets when aroused.  Luckily for you that diaper will catch all your wetness.

You thrash in mommy’s arms as you try to get mommy to finally let you squirt.  But not yet.  You were a bad little girl and now you have to face the consequences of your actions.  Mommy will bring you to the brink of cumming but won’t let you succumb.  Mommy wants you craving that sexual ecstasy and begging for release.

Naughty girls need to be reminded who is boss and who makes the rules, and that is Mommy Candy.  Mommy told you no playing or cumming without permission and that is exactly what mommy meant.  Mommy expects you to do as you’re told, and when you don’t, it displeases mommy tremendously.

Now you’re at mommy’s mercy.  Mommy will lead you to exhaustion without letting you explode.  And just as mommy feels you give up, mommy finally gives you what you have been waiting for, mommy gives you permission to cum.  Your body starts to tremble and your moans get louder and then all of a sudden your body tenses up and you soon go limp in mommy’s arms.

Mommy smirks, knowing that diaper is now soaked from your squirting pussy.  Mommy lets you sit in your saturated diaper, curled up on the floor.  Soon you are fast asleep on the floor, a smile around your pacifier.  Mommy knows it’s not really a punishment because mommy enjoys it just as much as you do.

Mommy’s pussy is dripping wet.  While you sleep, mommy takes that same vibrator she teased you with and uses it on herself.  No diaper for mommy, the vibrator will make direct contact with mommy’s engorged clit.  Mommy leans back and soon squirts all over your sleeping body.

Have you been naughty?  Do you need to be punished?  Are you in dire need of discipline?  Or do you just need mommy to make you cum all over?  If so, call Mommy Candy for a private session.  You can choose to do a phone call, a Skype call or have mommy all to yourself in a private chat session.

Mommy is waiting… Don’t make mommy wait long.

Mommy Candy


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