Naughty Nephew Gets Caught! (Part 2)
May 8, 2023
Shame On You!
May 9, 2023




Mommy has been thinking about nothing else then fucking you like a little bitch.  Mommy has the perfect cock just for your tight little asshole.  A nice thick strap-on to penetrate you with as mommy strokes and jerks your throbbing dick.  Mommy will lay you back and slide between your cheeks, wrapping a tight fist around your hard cock.

With each pump of mommy’s hips, mommy will slide her hand up and down the length of your dick from balls to tip.  Mommy loves to hear you moan like a whore as mommy fucks you hard and fast.  Your gasps and groans as you whimper and beg for more are music to mommy’s ears.

Mommy pulls from your gaping hols and tells you to get on your hands and knees.  Then mommy grasps your hips and plunges back inside you, deep.  Making you yelp out loud.  That’s a good little slut, push back and take all that cock.  Squeal for mommy like a stuck little pig.

The tip of your dick glistens with pre-cum and mommy swipes her fingertip over the slit.  A sticky trail leads from finger tip to dick tip.  Mommy then slides her finger into your mouth so you can taste yourself.  That’s it, suck that cum.  As you lick your lips, mommy pounds you even harder.

You belong to mommy and so does your body.  Mommy will fuck you anytime she wants and anywhere she pleases.  You will be mommy’s little fuck toy.  Mommy strokes your cock, squeezing the shaft tighter and playing with those cum filled balls.  As mommy plunges in and out of your crinkled brown eye, mommy gets you closer and closer to cumming.

Mommy wants you on your back, legs in the air, knees to your chest.  Mommy is going to make you explode, directing that spurting cock right at your face.  Mommy wants to watch as you cum and mommy wants to watch you catch it in your mouth and swallow it.

After mommy has milked you dry, mommy makes you suck her cock clean.  Then mommy slips out of her strap-on and straddles your face.  Now you will lick mommy’s pussy until you make mommy squirt in your mouth and down your throat.  You will be tasting and savoring both of our ejaculations.

Let mommy feel that tongue push in and out, Your face buried between mommy’s thighs, mommy’s pussy juices dripping down your glistening face.  Mommy rocks back and forth, riding your face.  Covering you from nose to chin in twat.

Would you like to play with mommy?  Let go of all your inhibitions and give mommy the reins to take complete control?  If so, then hesitate no longer and pick up that phone and call Mommy Candy now.  Mommy will give you an experience you will never forget.

Mommy wants to fuck you and mommy will.  And you will enjoy every second of it.  Mommy Candy loves all fetishes and mommy loves to get wild and kinky.  Come on, let’s play!

Mommy Candy




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