Naughty Nephew Gets Caught! (Part 1)
May 8, 2023
Mommy Candy Wants To Fuck You
May 8, 2023

 (First part) This was the perfect opportunity to unleash his desires. Rodney finished putting on the red satin panties, and his penis was quite pressed against the fabric, for it was very erect and hard. Rodney checked the result in a large mirror his aunt kept. He was not prepared for that. What he saw had pleased him to the highest degree. Rodney began to dance around the bedroom and had even laid down on his aunt’s bed to frolic and rest his turgid cock on the mattress. Rodney got up and went to the dressing table mirror again. He, this time, was all about posing, looking at himself from every angle, not losing sight of anything. His cock was tight, as were his balls, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Rodney felt in glory. He struck different poses and smirked. Rodney had forgotten that his aunt would be back. Besides, it hadn’t even been an hour. The music in the living room prevented Rodney from hearing his aunt’s car returning; it was also impossible for him to hear Aunt Brenda’s footsteps in the hallway. He did, however, hear the bedroom door open. In the doorway, Aunt Brenda appeared with eyes like saucers. She wore her brown hair pulled back, and from shock, she looked disheveled. Rodney watched almost in slow motion as she opened the door fully, and he watched in amazement at how shocked his aunt was to see him posing in those panties in front of the mirror. Aunt Brenda stormed in, and the scolding and shouting were not long in coming. “What are you doing going through my things? Why are you wearing my panties? You’re a filthy, filthy creep. Oh, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!!!” Immediately, Rodney felt humiliated, his Aunt Brenda was seeing him in that condition, but something inside him was increasing; he noticed with terror how he was getting even more aroused by his aunt’s screams. She kept insulting him, gesturing with her hands; she was letting a few drops of saliva escape from how upset she was. It was disconcerting what was going on. Rodney couldn’t help what was happening to him. He felt himself getting hornier and hornier with each new scream from his aunt. Rodney couldn’t stop what had already begun. His cock was growing inside the red satin panties with no control on his part. It was all so hard; nothing he did could pause what was coming. It was imminent, and Rodney closed his eyes for a split second. “How were you able to? ANSWER ME!!!” Aunt Brenda shouted out of her mind. He opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out. In less than a minute, he was cumming. The orgasm had taken over his body. Rodney felt terrified; his aunt had seen him come, but he could have done nothing. He was trying his best to cover the wet spot spreading across the front of her panties with his hands. Such a dirty boy! What will happen next? Click right here to find out!

Aunt Brenda


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