Diaper Back Pose
March 21, 2023
Naughty Nephew Gets Caught! (Part 2)
May 8, 2023

Rodney was taken to his Aunt Brenda’s house that summer, where he would spend that season. She was a loving woman in appearance, could be sweet and loving, but she could be very strict. Rodney was aware of that, but the day he was left alone in that house, he couldn’t help but do some things and go into places that were not his place. In the first instance, Rodney’s aunt had made it clear to him: “Rodney, I’m going out for a moment. Stay out of trouble”, she had said, and Rodney had merely nodded. Deep down inside Rodney, however, he knew he would explore the entire house. As much as he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to avoid it. From his bedroom window, Rodney caught a glimpse of his Aunt Brenda coming out. He smiled, and as he saw the car start, he bolted out of the room and into the living room. The idea was to put music on; originally, he hadn’t intended it to be excessive volume, but it ended up so. A very clear thought took shape in Rodney’s mind. He would look in his aunt’s underwear drawer. The music vibrated the walls as Rodney went to his aunt’s room. At that moment, he wanted to wear Aunt Brenda’s underwear. At the thought of it, Rodney became aroused, the din of the music collaborating to inflame his senses. Rodney paused in the doorway, looking around the interior of the bedroom. It was all neatly arranged, so he darted toward the drawers where his aunt’s underwear was sure to be found. Rodney rummaged like a man possessed; he had bitten his lip as he searched, his eyes glistened, and his pupils were dilated; he didn’t know what was wrong, but he had let himself go. The fire had taken over Rodney’s body. His fingers touched silk, lace, cotton? The various panties and other garments made up his Aunt Brenda’s private lingerie. He was convinced his aunt would not be home for many hours, so he looked hard. Rodney was at his cock, running his fingers over a spectacular black panty, and he twitched. Was that normal? Rodney didn’t care; he wanted to keep playing until he found the right panty. The booming music invaded Rodney’s ears, and he let his feelings flow. A fantasy that he didn’t know could be so powerful was coming true before his eyes. A shiny-looking panty appeared in his field of vision. Rodney opened his eyes much wider. It was a red-colored satin panty. “Oh, my God.” Mumbled towards the empty room Rodney as he pulled off the shorts he wore at home. Underneath, he had nothing on. He brought to light a very stiff cock. The panties were sexy. That was Rodney’s opinion. He was slowly putting them on with great joy, savoring the moment that might not be repeated that summer. His aunt wasn’t coming home yet. But you know she’ll show up, don’t you? Click here to read the second part and call me for some roleplay phone sex!

Aunt Brenda


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  1. […]  (First part) This was the perfect opportunity to unleash his desires. Rodney finished putting on the red satin panties, and his penis was quite pressed against the fabric, for it was very erect and hard. Rodney checked the result in a large mirror his aunt kept. He was not prepared for that. What he saw had pleased him to the highest degree. Rodney began to dance around the bedroom and had even laid down on his aunt’s bed to frolic and rest his turgid cock on the mattress. Rodney got up and went to the dressing table mirror again. He, this time, was all about posing, looking at himself from every angle, not losing sight of anything. His cock was tight, as were his balls, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Rodney felt in glory. He struck different poses and smirked. Rodney had forgotten that his aunt would be back. Besides, it hadn’t even been an hour. The music in the living room prevented Rodney from hearing his aunt’s car returning; it was also impossible for him to hear Aunt Brenda’s footsteps in the hallway. He did, however, hear the bedroom door open. In the doorway, Aunt Brenda appeared with eyes like saucers. She wore her brown hair pulled back, and from shock, she looked disheveled. Rodney watched almost in slow motion as she opened the door fully, and he watched in amazement at how shocked his aunt was to see him posing in those panties in front of the mirror. Aunt Brenda stormed in, and the scolding and shouting were not long in coming. “What are you doing going through my things? Why are you wearing my panties? You’re a filthy, filthy creep. Oh, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!!!” Immediately, Rodney felt humiliated, his Aunt Brenda was seeing him in that condition, but something inside him was increasing; he noticed with terror how he was getting even more aroused by his aunt’s screams. She kept insulting him, gesturing with her hands; she was letting a few drops of saliva escape from how upset she was. It was disconcerting what was going on. Rodney couldn’t help what was happening to him. He felt himself getting hornier and hornier with each new scream from his aunt. Rodney couldn’t stop what had already begun. His cock was growing inside the red satin panties with no control on his part. It was all so hard; nothing he did could pause what was coming. It was imminent, and Rodney closed his eyes for a split second. “How were you able to? ANSWER ME!!!” Aunt Brenda shouted out of her mind. He opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out. In less than a minute, he was cumming. The orgasm had taken over his body. Rodney felt terrified; his aunt had seen him come, but he could have done nothing. He was trying his best to cover the wet spot spreading across the front of her panties with his hands. Such a dirty boy! What will happen next? The third part will be coming soon, but you can call me anytime! […]