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Aunt Brenda Makes A Treat In The Blender
April 24, 2022
Fetish Loving Mommy Candy
April 30, 2022

Mommy's Adult Sex

Brenda’s ABDL Sexy Stories: I love to tell abdl stories to my diaper lovers because the stories are just so sexy and hot. I make sure to include all of the kink that I can possibly include because, when it comes to dominatrix roleplay or even bondage fetish, my stories are sexy and top of the line.

One of my favorite stories has to be the one that I told my subordinates about a dominatrix who kidnapped her male assistant, tied him up, and took him to the woods, where she has a dungeon in her cabin. In the cabin were other treats that awaited the male assistant, and the first one happened to be a paddle. He was bent over on a little wooden object where he was shackled to it by his ankles, and he was spread open and waited patiently, where he was terrified as he did not know what was going to happen to him.

A hand applied hot wax to his genitals, and he was a virgin when it came to waxing, so he did not know what to expect. Then came the wax strip, which was applied to his soft and hairy balls and his cock’s mound. Without further ado, that hand that applied the pressure was that of his mistress, and as she grinned and laughed because she knew what was coming next, that was when his lungs screamed so loudly because his pubic hair was ripped from his body from the roots.

He begged and pleaded for the pain to stop, and his mistress grabbed some ice cubes and rubbed them across his genitals, which made him shiver. Then his asshole was spread because there was hair in there as well, and more wax was applied, and that process of the wax ripping the hair from the root happened again. More screams happened, and just to make sure that no one discovered that he was going through this process with his mistress, she stuffed a big black dildo into his mouth to drown out the screams, and he almost gagged on the plastic cock. She rammed it down his throat with such vigor that he had to calculate when it was safe for him to breathe, and lo and behold, once he started to gag uncontrollably and said that he was going to barf, that is when she had mercy on him and removed it from his mouth. His freshly waxed ass was what ended up receiving the cock, and he took it like a pro, though he happened to cry through the process in the beginning because his asshole was just so damn tight.

Once I concluded the story, My subordinates would celebrate how realistic the story sounded and ask if that mistress in the story was someone that I knew; and that is when, with pride, I admitted that the mistress happened to be me, and they were shocked and pleased at the same time.

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Aunt Brenda


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