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April 24, 2022
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April 24, 2022

Adult Baby Diaper

Aunt Brenda Makes A Treat In The Blender: My Abdl roleplay is lovely and sweet. I am Aunt Brenda, so when I do what I do, it is done with all of the love and care that an abdl Aunt can do.

I enjoy my diaper lover at all times. He makes things so easy, and it is always fun for me to be so creative with him when he is around.

Today, I decided that I was going to make him a sweet treat in a blender, and he was so happy to be a part of it and contribute.

So, I had him stand with me in the kitchen when I prepared a lovely treat. In a blender, I combined strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, and mangoes.

Then I ripped off his diaper, which was clean and dry, and grabbed his cock with my warm hands and started to violently jerk him off. His eyes opened up so wide as he could not believe what was happening, but he was not allowed to pull away as I had his cock in my grasp.

I jerked him up and down, and he began to shake and tremble. His cock grew in my hand, and I felt pre-cum dripping down from his cock. That was the time that I grabbed the blender and commanded him to cum, and he squinted up his eyes and tensed up his muscles, and as I cheered him on, it was not long until he shot a load of cum that was so thick and sticky that it filled up what appeared to be a cup’s worth of cum.

I blended it so well, and then I stopped the blender and made him drink it all down. He guzzled it down and made sure not to waste any of it because it was his cum and it was already sweet, and now it was added to the ingredients in a blender to provide him with a sweeter treat.

It is important that he recycle his sweet dick juices and put back into his body what came out of them. After he drank all that he could, there was a handful left that I decided he was going to use on his face. So I grabbed it and placed it on his face, and I rubbed it all the way in.

He had to let it sit and dry so that all of the impurities from his skin would rise to the surface, and his cumin would be the elixir that would encourage the smoothness of his skin. After it was time to wash it all off, I made sure that he did it in the shower so I could admire his sweet body as it got wet and sexy right before my very eyes.

As he exited the shower, I spread my legs and had him eat me until I squirted my sweet cunt juices all over his eager face, and he lapped me thoroughly with his sweet tongue as if I were an ice-cold drink on a hot and sticky summer’s day.

Call me now so we can play. I am Aunt Brenda. Click Here

Aunt Brenda


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