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September 13, 2021
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September 20, 2021




Ready for some mom phone sex?  Ready to have Mommy Candy strip you, diaper you and play with you?  Mmmm I hope so, because mommy is definitely ready for her little one.  Mommy just loves playing and mommy definitely loves to make her little ones sticky with cummies for mommy.

And if mommy senses any hesitation on your part, mommy always has the option of a little phone sex hypnosis to help you come around.  Oohhh and the things I can make you do while I have you under my control are endless.  Mommy will be able to make you act anyway she wants, mommy will be able to dress you as she pleases and mommy will have total control over everything you do.

Mommy Candy is an abdl mom but that’s not all… Mommy likes all fetishes and mommy enjoys role playing as well.  Don’t be scared and let mommy take care of all your fantasies for you.  Open up in every way possible and let mommy have her way with you.  And mommy will definitely do likewise.

Mommy loves it all and mommy will not stop you from having a very good time.  That’s all Mommy Candy wants for you.  Is for you to enjoy yourself and to not have to worry about anything or anyone.  Mommy’s arms are a judgement free zone as is mommy’s bed hehe.

Crawl up into mommy’s warm comfy bed and let mommy cuddle you.  Mommy will cover you in kisses and caress your cute little body.  Sliding my hands up and down your trembling body.  Listen to your little pants and moans as mommy slides her hand inside your diaper and starts to rub.

Mommy loves feeling you wiggle against mommy.  Humping against my hand and my body.  Mommy starts rubbing you harder and faster, making you squirm and groan louder as you get closer to cumming for mommy.  That’s a good baby.  That’s it, squirt for mommy!

We will have hours of endless fun as mommy dresses you up, as mommy diapers your cute little butt, as mommy makes you beg for release.  Mommy just loves hearing your whimpers and cries as you get closer and closer to exploding for mommy.  It’s music to my ears.

Brings a smile to mommy’s face to make you my sweet little baby.  To listen to you coo and giggle as mommy holds you, as mommy rocks you, as mommy loves you.  Mommy’s little naughty angel.

So give mommy a call and let’s get started now.  Let mommy take very good care of you and fulfill her promise of giving you a very good time.  You will be sticky with cummies when mommy is through with you.  Mommy will leave you with a big smile on your exhausted face and a extremely wet diaper on your bottom.

Mommy is available 24/7 to take care of all your needs and desires.  Mommy never tires of giving you a very good time hehe.  Mommy Candy is waiting for you…

Mommy Candy


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