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June 26, 2016
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Our Trip To The Beach Part 1
September 3, 2016

One of my favorite things as an ABDL Mommy is forcing adults to wear a diaper. I love humiliating and punishing them by making them go to the bathroom in their diaper, and Mommy is the only one who can clean them up. By using diaper domination as a means of punishment they can learn who is in charge…that’s right, it’s Mommy Candy. While wearing a baby diaper as punishment, I love waiting for them to be forced to make a mess in the diaper. Then, I comfort my little baby, and coddle them until the tears from being so humiliated subside. I then lay them down and gently undo the sides and slide the messy diaper down the table, wrap it up and throw it into the bin. Then, using baby wipes, I clean up the mess and apply powder. After grabbing a fresh diaper, before I put it on, I lean over, kiss them gently on the forehead and say, “Mommy loves you.”

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