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June 29, 2016
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To the Doctor we Go
September 6, 2016

Today is a big day! Wanna know why? Sure you do my sweet adult baby girl, see mommy has rented a cabin for the whole weekend for just the two of us! I know! I am so very excited I already have our bag packed and I made sure to put plenty of Bambino bellissimo diapers and plastic panties to last us a while! Also I told the lady that was in charge of the cabin that  we will be staying in. To put on the rubber sheets in case your diapers leak, it won’t ruin the mattress! So come on Sweet baby Kita let’s go get in the car! I am going to buckle you in. Once we get to the beach cabin and all settled in. Now it’s time to get ready to head down to the beach! Uh oh! Someone has a very wet diaper! You know what this means Kita! Time for a diaper change. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex



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