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Our Trip To The Beach Part 1
September 3, 2016
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What I Love About Sissy Babies!
September 15, 2016
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To the Doctor we Go

A Most Seductive Women Licking her finger and looking soo hot

Diaper Phone Sex

Today we will have to take you to the Drs. My sweet boy is just blowing out all of his clean big boy undies. This mess is so overwhelming. ABDL Mommy just cant handle it anymore. We need help and we will just have to see what the doctor has to say about this. I’m so sad to see my sweet boy in unpleasant pain.

At the doctors office we sit and wait, I smell a very fowl smell and know you had another accident. Why didn’t I come prepared for this? I knew this was going to happen and yet I didnt bring a change of clothes for you. Oh no! I have to ask the nurses if they have anything i can use to clean you up and keep you decent until we get home. They hand me an Adult Diaper. I don’t know how my little love will feel about this. Call me now for some sweet loving mommy phone sex.



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