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January 11, 2021
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January 16, 2021




Daddy decided to run out real quick to the corner store, when daddy left he specifically told his little girl to be a good girl until daddy got back.  And you know that old saying…”when the cat’s away the mice will play” and in this case while daddy was away baby girl decided to be naughty.

Now as all DDLG babies know, what daddy says goes and if you disobey daddy, then be prepared for the consequences.  So in that short space of time, daddy’s naughty little girl pulled her panties off and was fingers deep in that sweet little pussy when daddy walked through the front door.

Daddy stood in the doorway for a few seconds watching as your fingers rubbed your clitty and your mouth opened in a soft moan.  Daddy smirked to himself as he watched you start to hump against your hand.

With a clearing of his throat, your eyes snapped open and your fingers stopped moving.  Oh oh, someone was a bad girl and now she’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to speak.  Hehe.

Daddy slowly walks towards you with his new purchases from the store, never breaking eye contact with you as he pulls a package of diapers from his bag.  Your eyes widen as you realize what he is holding.  Daddy stops just inches from your spread thighs and dripping pussy.  He reaches down and pulls your wet hand from between your pussy lips, as you watch soundlessly, daddy rubs your sticky fingers across your slightly open mouth.

Now young lady, you know daddy’s rules!  And when daddy left, he told you to be a good girl and behave yourself.  Now there will be consequences to your actions.  An ABD baby girl sounds like just the thing!

Daddy takes your hand from your lips and leads you to the bedroom, once in the room, daddy strips you of the rest of your skimpy outfit and lays you back onto the big bed.  Daddy bends your knees and spreads your thighs, spying the glistening wetness still lingering on your swollen pussy.

Daddy looks you directly in the eyes and slaps your wet pussy…SMACK SMACK!!  Bad Girl! Shame on you for not obeying daddy!  Daddy is very disappointed in you baby girl.

And even as daddy says this he sees your pussy start to gush.  Daddy’s little girl likes being naughty for daddy.  Mmmm good because daddy is going to make you his little diapered play toy.  Daddy shoves his fingers deep inside your oozing pussy, causing you to scream in ecstasy as you squirt all over.

As you lay their quivering from your orgasm, daddy lifts your legs and hips, sliding a diaper under you.  No more cumming until daddy decides bad girl!  Daddy closes up your diaper before you can even protest and beg daddy not to.  Daddy enjoys watching you squirm against your diaper wanting to cum again.

Maybe daddy should run to come punish you since you enjoy daddy too much.  A strict mommy to teach you how to be a good girl.

ABDL Mommy Candy


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