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Diaper Punishment
June 9, 2016
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Brattiness Part 1
June 11, 2016

Uh oh! Someone has a stinky butt! Come crawl to mommy so I can lead you to your adorable nursery. Come climb up these little stair to get up on your changing table! As you lay down I am lifting up your skirt, so I can slide down your Plastic Pants. I slide them down to see your engorged Bambino Teddy Bears diaper, I take and undue both tapes on either side of your diaper, I unfold your diaper and take a wipe and slowly wipe you wee-wee. Someone is getting excited when mommy wipes their wee-wee, looks like I’m going to have to so you what to do with your wee-wee when I am done cleaning your butt. After I get done wiping your butt I slide a green cloth diaper underneath your bottom and slide in the liner than pin it up on both sides. Once we are finished with that I take my hand and start slowly sliding it up and down across your diaper, I can feel your erection starting to get more pronounced. If you would like to make cummies for mommy call me for some Adult Baby Phone Sex!



Phone Sex mommy.

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