Abie in a Bib
October 16, 2007
Hello Everyone in Blogger World lol
October 19, 2007

Not only am I a mommy to ABies, but I am also a diaper lover. When I have had a particularly stressful day at my vanilla job or just with life in general, it is always nice to come home and slip into a t-shirt and comfy diaper. I like a nice big bulky diaper. And when I am sick, it always makes me feel better to slip into my diaper and not have to get out of bed for the whole day. It just makes me feel secure. Sometimes, when I  really fill up my diaper with a nice warm pee, I start to get that little tingle down there. You know the one. Then I start to gently rub the outside of my diaper, get myself really turned on. Thats when I slip my hand down inside my diaper. And i close my eyes and think of you there with me. You have your diaper on too. And I imagine all the naughty things we would do together. Want to help me out with this fantasy. I could use some ideas. Give me a call and let’s see what we could come up with.

Call and ask for Josie.


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