Go Fetch the Paddle!
March 1, 2008
Dedicated to Larbear :)
March 17, 2008

     This weekend was wonderful. Got to play with abies and ladies in chat. Met some new diaper lovers there and on the phone. We have started a new month also. I will have to wait until March passes to see if it was in like a lion or a lamb and which way it went out. Do you all know that saying? I remember in school we made animal heads with paper plates to describe it. We were supposed to make one lamb and one lion and one for the start of March and the other for the end. I made two lambs. My teacher asked why. I said well I like lambs more today. It made perfect sense to me.

     Do you all like doing dirty diaper calls? I don’t mean poopy, I guess I mean sexy diaper calls? I am always very careful not to go into sexy types of calls until I get the go ahead from you all. Some are into that, some are not. I never want to offend anyone. Well, unless they are into humiliation and offense. Basically though I proceed with caution where sex is involved.

    I am not always spanking, and punishing adult babies. Sometimes I am playing naughty with the ab’s and dl’s. I like to tease you through your diaper, and get you on edge.   Sometimes it is fun to teach you how Mommy likes to play dirty.

Mommy Scarlet

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