My brother
February 26, 2008
dirty mommy
March 3, 2008

     I’ve been very busy lately with so many nanny jobs here and there. There are so many of you babies to tend to. You are so needy and require so much discipline!

As you know, I grew up in England. I went back to visit my roots just recently. While I was there, you will not believe who I visited with….my own childhood Governess! It was delightful to see her again. She is nearing 60 years of age and she is still a firecracker. I had a very profound realization during my visit: I am being far too light on my punishments compared to the way my Governess is and was! My Governess nearly punished ME for not using the proper tableware at the dinner table or drinking my tea properly…even something as having my lipstick smudged was enough to make her give me the look of, “I am about to take you aside and smack your rear end raw!”  she did this many times during my trip and even told me that she would have liked to take me to the side and do this to me just to make sure I will still “in line”….but as to whether or not she did…well, I’ll just keep that a secret.

   I remember the days with my Governess during my childhood…and as I started to develop into a young woman, I greatly enjoyed playing with my dolls and punishing them with spankings. I even liked to change their diapers and hold them to my breast and pretend I was breastfeeding them. It is such a wonderful feeling to giving one of you pathetic babies food from my own breast!

  On to more serious matters…from now on, my punishments will not be as light. I’m going to crack the whip on some of you babies…and if you don’t follow my instructions and do as I say, I will humiliate you in ways you never knew possible. It is great fun for me to watch as you become embarrassed. I love seeing you turn red with shame. I think you just love acting out to try and grab my attention. And…it’s working, but don’t expect to get away with your naughtiness easily!

You’re asking for it!


Nanny Rachel



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