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May 3, 2020
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Abdl Teased Out In Public! (part 1)
May 9, 2020

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Today, your ABDL Stacey Scarlet has a little surprise for you.  I am going to take you to the store with no pants on. I will dress you in a shirt and your diaper will be exposed for strangers to see. Though you beg and plead with me not to dress you up where your pamper shows, I simply laugh at you and refuse to listen.  I am the one that decides what you will wear and where you will go.  I am your ABDL Stacey and therefore I make all of the decisions concerning you. You tell me all the time that you are a big boy, yet you are not! Big boys don’t wet the bed, and big boys don’t wear pampers.  But since you want to feel like you are a big boy, today I will dress you up in a big boy red and black checkered shirt, put a blue pacifier in your mouth and your favorite socks with no pants.  You look absolutely ridiculous, just like a laughing stock and I am sure that everyone who sees you will point at you and roar in laughter. As we walk out of the front door, all of the neighbors stop, stare and laugh. They are looking at you waddling around in your puffy and crinkly pamper accompanying me to the car.  I strap you into the car seat and when we arrive at the store,  I place you in a shopping cart and I push you around the store with your pamper exposed for all to see.  Everyone in the store has stopped to watch and you are thoroughly humiliated and embarrassed. Two old ladies walk over to ask why you are dressed the way you are and I loudly tell them that you are a chronic bed wetter, who cannot control the piss that comes out of your practically invisible pee pee.  They are curious to see your tiny cock and your marble sized balls and you block my hand from showing them. This angers me and I decide that you will be punished.  I bend you over the cart while the two old ladies along with everyone else in the store gather to watch while I pull your pampers all the way down past your buttocks and below your knees and I give you a bare handed spanking for several minutes.  With each spank you move your hips and your pee pee and balls jingle around like earrings. Someone yells out “It looks like there is a special on sausage today and it’s half off!” Then the entire store roars in laughter as most of them take out their cellphones and record this public adult baby ABDL Stacey as I lash your backside loudly with the palm of my hand.  Then I turn you around and take scrunchy out of my hair, then use it to tie up your shriveled up piss pole and pimple sized balls, then I pull your pamper back up.





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