Adult Diaper Man Wearing the Pink Sissy Maid Dress
Sexy Stepmommy Tawny
September 13, 2020
Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve
Training a New Sissy
September 16, 2020

Aww, hi sweetie pie! Aren’t you just precious? Is that your little tummy that I can hear rumbling from all the way over here? And you are here all by yourself? What a shame… Well it sure is a good thing that this ABDL Mommy came along when I did and found you here sitting by your lonesome. In case you had not already noticed, which I am sure you have, I have a nice big soft pair of tits perfect for a baby to get some nourishment from. Why don’t you come on back to my nursery with me? It is fully stocked with everything that you could ever want and more, and I have a nice comfy rocking chair where you can sit on my lap and this MILF can make sure your tummy gets all the milk that your little heart could desire. An adult baby should never have to worry about going hungry, and having to go without a mommy is even more heartbreaking. I have all the love and space for any baby who needs a mommy. Come here little one and snuggle up close while I pull my shirt down so you can wrap your soft lips around my nipple and suck away. Fill that tummy up while mommy holds you close and rocks you back and forth nice and slow.
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